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Holidays are as much a part of life as work. Greetings From A Travel Writer.

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There is one thing that is guaranteed: If you are doing your job just for the money you won't be lying on your deathbed wishing you'd spent more time in the office. So many people spend their lives waking at dawn, staying in an office all day and then riding home at nightfall. Is a blue sky just some cherished memory to them, like an internet without advertising or the ambitions of youth? From an early age I was determined not to become one of those people, the grey sky people. I guess I just have too much of my grandfather's blood in me.

He was an artist. He drew advertising, cartoons and comic books for a living. He worked from home and raised a family of five with nothing but his imagination and skill. Truly a man I admired, and a lifestyle I envied. The man built a pool in his backyard with help from my uncles. He didn't just live, he lived well, even though he was not rich and he successfully raised three kids to be high achieving adults. They, naturally, being New Yorkers, became office workers and bosses with traditional lifestyles. Growing up I watched my mom and stepfather wake up at the crack of dawn to head to work dutifully every day. I couldn't imagine any office worth doing it for. I couldn't think of any job that didn't involve saving the world or having a lot of fun being worth it. I wanted adventure, I wanted to create. Lucky for me I was a published poet before I left high school and a published author not long after.

Yup! I am of that most professional class of lazy bums known as writers. Like most writers I dreamed of escaping from drudgery, working from anywhere and enjoying my self-directed work instead of slaving away for some jerk at a job that was rewarding in neither a monetary nor idealistic sense. My naive youthful philosophy was that if I can't do something worthwhile for the world why should I sacrifice my time for money that I can only enjoy on weekends and holidays? I grew up in a big house with arguing parents. They had nice cars they mainly drove to work. They were always stressed and often angry... what I'm getting at is that I know first hand that money does not in any way equate to happiness. Obviously, having enough to live in a style you find comfortable is important, but I am no princess for some pea to ruin my mattress. And if you're an unhappy person with a lot of money, what can you blame your unhappiness on?

To make a potentially incredibly long story short, after the army, college, an office job and a near death surgical experience I decided I would become a professional writer just as I'd always dreamed. Being a writer would be great! I would be paid for my craft and rewarded for a skill that I possess that many other people simply lack and require. I would be able to work from anywhere, be sought after for my skill and even maybe make some money from creative work. I had full confidence that I would be able to become a novelist. Of this, I was wrong. But I did succeed where so many of my peers have failed. I succeeded in becoming a travel writer, not tied to any location by anything buy my own choice, traveling for free - and sometimes even getting paid to do so! - and enjoying life every day at a time.

In this blog I'll detail not only how I did it but my international adventures. I want to chronicle my travels for myself while I can still remember them all. If, indeed, I can still remember them all in any detail. If anyone finds it interesting, even better. I'm also motivated to demonstrate that you can, indeed, be a successful writer if you're willing to make some sacrifices and, most importantly, don't give up.

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